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Wanted: Readers that want to get free books and can review!
How does this work? It's simple. Join Ocean on Facebook, get free books, and leave reviews!

What I need from you: Reviews. Reviews are an author's best friend. They really help other readers decide whether a book is right for them, so the more the better. So, for every book I give you, I'd love to have an honest review listed on Amazon this year!

If the book is a new release, you'll get a copy prior to the release date. I'd like the review to be listed during the first 5 days of the book's release. I will give you lots of reminders, of course, via the FB group when the books are releasing. You'll have plenty of time to read the titles in advance.

You decide which books you want. You structure your reading around your life, vacations, etc.

If you're interested, join this Facebook group! It's also okay to tell others about the group, if you think they'll be interested in reading and reviewing my books. I write a variety of lesbian based themes: romance, mystery, thriller.

All offers for free review copies will go through the Facebook group, not this site.

hope to see you on Facebook soon!

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