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  1. In the spring of 2018, WEXG Radio host Serena Bonago received an email from someone claiming to be a lesbian Sasquatch. Initially, she brushed it off as a hoax, but when the second email arrived and convinced her that the sender was indeed a lesbian Sasquatch, she arranged for a live, on-air interview. Six months later, the world eagerly waits for answers to centuries-old questions about their social, spiritual and sexual habits and, most importantly, why, instead of avoiding mankind as has been customary, has a representative of the Sasquatch community come forward now with an urgent message. Stay tuned as radio celebrity Harper Woolf broadcasts live from WEXG Radio, 109.2 FM studios, in the Lincoln Tower Building in Manhattan

sequel to 'Gone'

a thrilling romance

an anthology of love

a light-hearted fantasy

a children's story

an action adventure thriller

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Sometimes, before you can make your dreams come true, you must first face your nightmares.

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